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Pinmar launches new strategy for the US superyacht market

Pinmar, the global leader in superyacht painting and coatings, has announced its new strategy to streamline operations in the USA More


The health of crew onboard superyachts: what does the data show us?

MedAire has just released data, providing insights into its global telemedical response service during 2022 More


Battling The Cyber Security Threat At Sea

It’s no secret that staying safe while navigating the seas can be a perilous endeavour, what is the yachting industry doing to battle cyber security for yachts? More


MedAire launches Enhanced Health Partner: its highest level of support

January 19 - London, UK - MedAire has today announced a new membership add-on that provides superyachts with medical rooms, complex medical equipment and onboard medical professionals with an increased level of support. The service provides strategic, clinical governance and helps superyachts to achieve best practice medical management within their operations. This comes at a time where shoreside medical care is seeing a strain on resources around the world, with increased waiting t... More

Tax Marine Spain

Owning a Yacht and its Financial Responsibilities

Owning a superyacht can be an exclusive and rewarding experience, but it also comes with financial responsibilities, including taxes More


Pinmar introduces electrostatic paint application to the US superyacht market

Pinmar, the leading superyacht refinishing company, has recently refinished two large superyachts in the USA using their highly successful electrostatic topcoat application method. This is a significant milestone as Pinmar is the first company to bring this technology into the US superyacht market. The company has been performing electrostatic topcoat applications for many years across Europe, bringing the many quality, environmental and working condition benefits to refit projects and th... More

ARPECA SPA elects new president

Mario Del Pistoia will take over from Paolo Ferretti, who recently passed away and is mourned by Viareggio’s entire nautical district More

Gym Marine

Gym Marine Yachts & Interiors establishes new Corporation in Fort Lauderdale, US

We are delighted to announce the official launch of Gym Marine Yachts and Interiors in Fort Lauderdale, USA, our third international entity. The full Gym Marine Yachts and Interiors range of equipment, and our world leading gym design service, is now available throughout all 50 states of the USA and Canada, both on land and at sea. We have expanded our custom manufacturing facility to enable local production for the US market, with our exclusive and customised pieces to be made in Hickory,... More

Superyacht New Zealand

2022’s largest superyacht event in the southern hemisphere

A superyacht welcome function, held on Wednesday marking the start of the cruising season in New Zealand, showed the strength of the return of superyachts to the southern hemisphere cruising grounds. Superyachts are back, and the New Zealand industry has welcomed them with open arms. At the country’s annual Superyacht Welcome Function, which marks the start of the superyacht season in New Zealand, crew from more than 30 superyachts gathered to celebrate the return to New Zealand’s... More

GYG ltd

Pinmar Yacht Supply announces new partnership with BMComposites for Gurit sales

Pinmar Yacht Supply (PYS), the international superyacht supply brand of GYG, are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with BM Composites for the sale of Gurit epoxy resin products across their outlets in Spain. More

Foresti & Suardi Spa.

Foresti e Suardi acuires Versari & Delmonte

Foresti e Suardi invests decisively again in its growth with the acquisition of the Italian deck components manufacturer More


MedAire encourages vessels to raise awareness of mosquito-borne diseases

As yachts prepare to make their way across to the Caribbean, MedAire is encouraging crews to pay particular attention to the risks of dengue, chikungunya, zika and other mosquito-borne diseases in order to prevent their transmission and spread. This comes after, in August, International SOS, the world’s leading security and health services company, reported a 92% global increase in dengue-related cases, compared to last year. Dr Irene Lai, Group Medical Director at International SOS, ... More

Hempel A/S

Hempel received Water Revolution Foundation certificate at Monaco Yacht Show.

HEMPEL received the prestige Water Revolution Foundation Sustainability Certificate at Monaco Yacht Show for the antifouling Hempaguard X7 as a sustainable solution . Hempaguard X7 is not only the first antifouling to receive this certificate but was exhibited alongside 13 selected companies with sustainable solutions for Superyachts at the Monaco Yacht Show Sustainability Hub 2022 . Besides a proven track record on over 3000 vessels, corresponding CO2 saving of 27 million tones , Hempaguard ... More

Hempel A/S

Hempaguard X7 – Sustainable antifouling solution for Superyachts.

The ultimate requirement from Superyacht captains and management companies to achieve fouling free hull, less fuel consumption and minimal maintenance is now a reality. We all know that fouling increases surface roughness of the hull, which than consequently increases frictional resistance when superyacht moves through water, which brings us to higher fuel consumption and higher cost. Increased fuel consumption leads to increased emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. Maintenance cos... More

Superyacht New Zealand

Where surprise is just around the corner

Diverse. That’s the way superyacht captain Matt Lovett sums up cruising New Zealand, and he would know. The lifelong sailor has had a 25 year career in the superyacht industry which has seen him sail 95 thousand miles across the world’s oceans. That wide-ranging career has its roots in early dinghy sailing exploits from the age of 12 on Auckland’s Manukau Harbour. Now based in New Zealand as captain of a 34 metre Royal Huisman yacht, Lovett is enjoying being back on New Zealand waters and sh... More


Risk Intelligence A/S and MedAire, enter partnership agreement

Risk Intelligence A/S and MedAire, an International SOS Company, have signed a partnership agreement giving MedAire's luxury yacht client base access to the Risk Intelligence maritime security intelligence and advisory services. MedAire and Risk Intelligence have signed an agreement to work together to deliver a market leading offer, helping yachts to reach higher levels of situational awareness within their day-to-day operations, by catering to the industry’s specific needs. The partners... More

Tax Marine Spain

Introducing the Superyacht VAT Think Tank

Tax Marine Spain create informal group discussion with tax experts from different jurisdictions to explore EU VAT regulations More

Jotun Marine Coatings

Jotun launches MegaGloss Metallic topcoat

Jotun cements its position as a preferred Superyacht coatings partner with the launch of MegaGloss Metallic, a supreme high gloss metallic topcoat system More


Industry's Most Efficient Monohull Support Yacht Is Here, Designed by SHADOWCAT

Eco-Friendly Concept Emphasizes Accommodation and Adventure SHADOWCAT , the leading developer of catamaran support yachts, announces today that it has expanded its portfolio to include a fully bespoke monohull shadow vessel. The new concept, SHADOWOLF, is SHADOWCAT's first single-hulled support yacht and is available to meet the increasing demand for guest-level comfort and services. The vessel's new hybrid hull design focuses on passenger comfort and accommodation, while still enhancing adve... More


MedAire reveals most common injuries and illnesses onboard superyachts

August 2, 2022 – Phoenix, Arizona : Telemedical service provider MedAire, an International SOS Company has today revealed new data highlighting the most common injuries and illnesses onboard superyachts. The company, which provides services to over 50% of the world’s largest superyachts, looked at over 10,000 cases from the last five years, to uncover the most common ailments onboard amongst crew and guests. It found that urinary infections were the most commonly seen illness onboard, r... More

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