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Tax Marine Spain

Yacht imports into Spanish territory

Spanish Customs Instruction 1/2004 sets out a procedure to determine the customs value of used yachts not coming from an immediate sale More

Tax Marine Spain

UK RYA qualifications in Spain after Brexit

On the 10th February 2021 the Spanish Merchant Marine Directorate, as a result of the effects of Brexit, published an internal instruction establishing that UK RYA qualifications certificates were no longer acceptable for use on Spanish-flagged rental yachts. The publication of that instruction immediately caused great concern among the charter industry all across Spain due to the significant negative impact of such a decision, which could represent a 15% of business turned down. Fortunatel... More

Moravia Yachting

Moravia Yachting appoints William Molloy as Senior Charter Broker

Moravia Yachting is delighted to announce its appointment of William Molloy as Senior Charter Broker More

Moravia Yachting

New CA for Sale with Moravia Yachting

Moravia Yachting is pleased to welcome INDIGO STAR I to our fleet of central agency yachts for sale. The 38m INDIGO STAR I was built by Siar Moschini in 1995 and is presented for sale in fantastic condition following an extensive 2018 refit. This tri-deck motor yacht boasts a stylish and carefully considered interior design, which optimises the use of space to provide multiple seating and lounge areas. The interior cabinetry has a dark gloss wood finish and upholstery in neutral tones gi... More

Tax Marine Spain

"2021 in the Med" | Quaynote Round table

Latest fiscal amendments with impact in the superyacht chartering season 2021 in the Mediterranean: The below is a summary of the most relevant fiscal amendments with effect on the superyacht chartering activity in the Mediterranean which were discussed by representatives of different jurisdictions in the roundtable organized by Quaynote Thursday 18th in the course of “The future of Superyachts, Business Jets and Luxury Property Online Conference” France: The new situation for summ... More

Sirius Technologies

Why you should apply a ceramic coating to your yacht

Gelcoat protection technology has advanced in recent years and is able to completely abolish the need to reapply gelcoat to vessels More

Tax Marine Spain

Yacht Engaged in Trade (YET) 2021 in Spain

The Yacht Engaged in Trade (YET) Scheme is a mechanism adopted by some flag states whereby private yachts obtain a Compliance Certificate and a Temporary Certificate of Registry authorizing the yacht to charter for up to a certain number of days per calendar year in EU waters. The scheme applies to registered private yachts of 24m or over, provided that they fully comply with the requirements for commercial yachts of the relevant Large Yacht Codes (LYC), as well as all other applicable natio... More

List General Contractor

Made in Austria: MY Artefact's luxurious interior

On board Superyacht MY Artefact, List General Contractor (List GC) got the opportunity to demonstrate its skills and did not disappoint More

Evolution Yacht Agents

EVOLUTION partners up with SABOR Provisions

We are very excited to announce that EVOLUTION´s PROVISIONING department is partnering up and joining forces with SABOR PROVISIONS More

Fastmount Ltd

Fastmount introduces flexible panel installation for solid substrates

New Zealand based manufacturer of hidden panel fasteners, Fastmount, has added two new clips to its Stratlock® Range More

Tax Marine Spain

Spanish charter: VAT registration for commercial yachts

From a tax standpoint, charter yachts are considered a hiring of Means of Transport, which is a service for VAT purposes. The VAT treatment depends on a number of factors including the period of time for which the Means of Transport is hired, the VAT status and location of the customer, and -in certain cases- where the Means of Transport will be used and enjoyed. Under the VAT place of supply regulations laid down in the EU VAT Directive 2008/8/EC, the place of supply of short-term hirin... More

Hartnack & Company Ltd.

Finest Quality Menus Custom Hand Made For Luxury Yachts.

Hartnack and company have long been established as makers of bespoke custom made luxury binders More

Savannah Yacht Center

Savannah Yacht Center – First Choice on the US East Coast

Savannah Yacht Center has gained an international reputation as the refit, repair and maintenance shipyard of choice on the US east coast More


Big Benefits - Yacht Registration in Malta

Malta is well positioned in the central Mediterranean for yachts transiting east or west More

Tax Marine Spain

VAT on Spanish charters – The use and enjoyment provision

As is well known, chartering in countries like France, Italy or Malta can benefit from really reduced VAT rates on charter fees. This is not the case in Spain. What is the reason why? Let's find out what are the legal grounds on which this VAT reduction is based and what other implications this legal provision has. Article 58 of EU Council Directive 2006/112/EC, VAT Directive, entitled "criterion of effective use and enjoyment", provides that: In order to avoid double taxation, non-taxation... More

Hartnack & Company Ltd.


In November (2020) we got a call from Paul Kellum who has this fantastic guest house. He was looking for a bespoke solution to house a guest book in which his visitors could comment about their stay as well as a comprehensive guide to the property and the local area. As always our initial question is, what is the size of the largest item to be housed in the portfolio or box. In this case it was information that was going into the Guest Information Book, which were 8.5" x 11" page protector... More

Tax Marine Spain

Spanish Matriculation Tax on private & business jets

After Spain joined the European Union in 1985, VAT became applicable on the supply of means of transport at a luxury rate of 33% tax. This luxury rate was reduced to 28% in 1992. The same year 1992 after the VAT harmonization that capped the standard Spanish VAT rate was to 15%, Spanish authorities in order not to lose revenue implemented a new tax, the IEDMT. The new tax provisions were included in the Spanish Excise Duty Law 38/1992, of 28 December, of Special Taxes. The combination of the ... More

Tax Marine Spain

Superyacht Chartering VAT exempt in Spain

It is well known among yacht professionals and especially those involved in superyacht chartering that the VAT regime in Spain has been always particularly tough. Spain, unlike other surrounding countries, as France or Italy, did not implement in National legislation the possibility of a lower effective taxation for charters starting in Spain and cruising into international waters, on the basis of the Use and Enjoyment principle laid down in the EU VAT Directive, resulting that charters start... More


How rapid COVID-19 testing is being used on board superyachts

Working onboard a superyacht is a challenging job in normal circumstances. On top of managing guest profiles, itineraries and needs, captains and crew now have the additional task of mitigating the well-known risks of a pandemic. For some vessels the emergence of COVID-19 has resulted in such measures as more rigorous cleaning and regular mask use and for others it’s been the purchase of their own testing equipment. Having an onboard testing device is by no means a solution for every yac... More

Tax Marine Spain

Transfer of residency – VAT and Matriculation tax

If you are thinking about moving your residence to Spain, you must be aware that you may be exempt from paying duties and taxes when importing your personal belongings, and owned yachts can be included among those belongings. Due to the particularities of the Spanish fiscal system, both EU and non-EU citizens moving to Spain might be eligible for these tax benefits. Personal property belonging to persons transferring their usual place of residence from a non- European country to Spain is... More

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