20 Jul 2023

IDEA forms strategic partnership with YACHTNEEDS < Back

By IDEA Data Solutions GmbH

IDEA YACHT has teamed up with yachting-specific product marketplace YACHTNEEDS to further enhance its yacht management solution and increase the efficiency of onboard processes.

According to the two companies, YACHTNEEDS provides the ability to source and purchase yacht products globally, providing yachts with what they want, where they want it and when they want it.

YACHTNEEDS was founded from the pain point of yacht crews trying to find trusted providers when sourcing yachting-specific products. The developed marketplace has removed the burden of contacting multiple vendors and enabled an extremely easy and digital method of purchasing products.

This strategic partnership combines both companies’ experience and existing efforts to streamline processes. The synergies of the two platforms, YACHTNEEDS as the pioneers in digital procurement and IDEA YACHT as a market-leading and complete yacht management software, create a simple and easy solution to the complete journey of crew purchasing products onboard, making the whole process quicker and easier, improving the standard procurement procedure.

The link up has resulted in direct access from a yacht’s database with one click-through to purchase on YACHTNEEDS. With this partnership, the crew can have the confidence and choice back in finding the correct parts. When crew require certain products for scheduled maintenance tasks – such as specific engineering parts – with just one click from IDEA YACHT, the user is navigated to that specific product they require on YACHTNEEDS with purchasing options in a matter of seconds. The item has various defining characteristics with multiple identifiers, directing the user to what they need. 

If it is the case whereby a specific product is not listed on YACHTNEEDS, the user will be taken to that category (for similar products) or a landing page, which can direct them to provide details resulting in a quotation from YACHTNEEDS in a 24-48 hour window. 

"We are delighted to announce our partnership with IDEA Data Solutions; having our YACHTNEEDS marketplace connected to one of the leading software management tools streamlines the day-to-day management for all users, from start to finish. 

"Our core focus at YACHTNEEDS is to bring options, ease, and efficiency to crew by selling over 30,000+ part codes sold by hundreds of local sellers on one platform – ensuring what crew order is exactly what they receive. 

"With this partnership, we are revolutionising the system of maintenance procurement. Crew can now easily navigate from undergoing a task on IDEA Data Solutions to our superyacht-specific marketplace – it ticks all the boxes. 

"I am incredibly excited to see the growth of this partnership and how far we can take our technologies within the industry," said Tony Stout, Founder of YACHTNEEDS. 

The strategic partnership gives both companies’ users the highest level of service. A user on IDEA YACHT will no longer have to list multiple suppliers but can now list YACHTNEEDS as a sole supplier, enabling one invoice – making payment and procurement much more straightforward. 

“We’re delighted to be partnering with YACHTNEEDS to provide a seamless purchasing experience for our users. From the initial point of detecting a task and the products needed to undertake it, to ensuring that onboard inventory is fully stocked and up to date, ensuring our workflows are as streamlined as possible is an absolute priority for IDEA. 

The ability to navigate to YACHTNEEDS marketplace from within a purchase order makes this process even easier and will cut out unnecessary steps to get the products they need when they need them," said Jan Langweg, Head of Professional Services and Business Development at IDEA Data Solutions.

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