12 May 2022

The rise of Catamaran < Back

By Moravia Yachting

The success of builders such as Sunreef Yachts denotes the rising popularity of large catamarans. Adam Papadakis, Head of Sales at Moravia Yachting, discusses the trend and why the superyacht catamaran market is gaining momentum.


While the sub-24-metre catamaran market is well established, catamarans are comparably absent in the monohull-dominated superyacht market. Specialist builders like Sunreef Yachts, however, are bucking the trend by setting a new standard for the construction of large motor and sail catamarans – Sunreef recently announced the commission of a second 100 Sunreef Power catamaran. As a result, the superyacht market is finally waking up to the numerous benefits two hulls can offer.

Adam Papadakis, Head of Sales at Moravia Yachting, attributes the catamaran’s rise in popularity to the expansive interior and exterior spaces created by its broad beam. “Clients increasingly want versatile and adaptable yachts, both for lifestyle reasons and resale value,” he explains. “A catamaran offers a huge amount of space for a certain size, so they are a great way of emulating the more homely experience typically offered by yachts larger in length.”

In addition, the buoyancy of the parallel hulls means that catamarans can incorporate shallower drafts than monohulls, making them ideal for cruising in places where depth is an issue. “They are able to cruise and anchor very close to the shore and explore destinations without having to berth in a marina,” Adam adds. “They offer advantages that more and more people are recognising, especially new owners.”

Thanks to the extra space and versatility, catamarans are also becoming a preferred yacht for charters, with especially high demand in the Bahamas, Caribbean and parts of the Mediterranean where the waters can be very shallow. High demand on the charter market typically drives production in the new-build market, so it’s a trend that Adam expects is set to continue.


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