14 Jun 2022

The rise of expedition yachts < Back

By Moravia Yachting

Designed to have boundless cruising capabilities and plentiful storage, expedition yachts are expanding the possibilities for exploring remote destinations in ultimate luxury.

Expedition yachts are a growing trend in the superyacht market. In fact, data shows that the expedition yacht segment grew by 33 per cent in 2021, with 85 expedition vessels recorded as in build or on order in last year’s global order book, as well as several conversion projects underway. “It’s a relatively young market that is growing very fast, especially in the 40 to 60-metre size range,” comments Adam Papadakis, Head of Sales at Moravia Yachting.

According to Adam, there are multiple reasons for this trend, with the primary being a changing demographic of superyacht owners. “A new type of owner has emerged, owners who wish to use their yachts in different ways and explore different regions,” he explains. “Owners are increasingly environmentally conscious and want to be closer to nature and the marine environment – expedition yachts allow them to experience remote, untouched destinations to their fullest potential.”

In response to demand, the new-build market has been flooded with a range of designs labelled as expedition or explorer yachts. While there is no universal classification of what an expedition yacht is, there are certain technical features that ought to be considered as standard to ensure exploring remote regions is safe, easy and enjoyable. 

Arguably one of the most important requirements for an expedition yacht is the ability to remain autonomous for long periods. “The number one factor for an expedition yacht should be sufficient range at a reasonable speed and sufficient storage to allow cruising in areas where there may not be nearby facilities to refuel, provision or get supplies,” Adam advises. 

“An expedition yacht should also be able to carry different kinds of tenders and toys to explore these destinations, such as a helicopter, submersible, quad bikes and even cars. And then there is the attention to detail for certain design characteristics and specifications, such as an ice-classed hull for cruising in polar regions, optimised seakeeping for certain areas of operation, state-of-the-art emissions control, and so on. All while offering the same amenities, level of service and comfort that a luxury superyacht would.”

While the notions of expedition and exploration are subjective – depending mainly on the objectives that each owner wishes to achieve – the key differentiator of an expedition yacht is what it can facilitate. When looking at an expedition yacht for sale or charter, it is important that prospective clients first consider where they want to go and what they want to do while they are there. Choosing a yacht that provides the right platform in accordance with these expectations will ensure clients can explore destinations exactly how they imagine.

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