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21 Jun 2021
By Sarnia Yachts Limited

In a post-pandemic world yachts are recognised as one of the most socially-distanced holiday options where interactions with others are controlled in a way not possible if staying at a resort or on a cruise ship. This has resulted in an increased demand for luxury yacht charters.

Chartering your yacht has many financial benefits but it’s not as simple as registering with a charter broker and seeing the income roll in. Commercial registration, EU VAT, Fiscal/Charter licence arrangements, MLC, safety management and insurance all need to be taken into consideration.

This is where Sarnia Yachts can offer in-house expertise. Our core services of Ownership, Yacht Management and Crew Management, each of which have many different specialities and skillsets within them, can be combined to deliver an overarching and efficient service to our clients and owners, making us perfectly suited to assist you if you are considering chartering your yacht.

Our latest article shows how we can help: www.sarniayachts.com/news/2021/chartering-your-yacht/

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