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30 Mar 2021


By TEAM Italia srl

TEAM Italia, international leader within the field of mega and maxi yachts, specializing in the integration and functional optimization of navigation, telecommunications, security and data transmission equipment, has developed a carefully planned Service and Maintenance Program that groups together a set of exclusive services of preventive maintenance activity on NAV–COM systems, in order to keep the equipment running efficiently and consequently increase their lifecycle.

The main service Ocean Remote Support (part of the Team Italia Group) can provide is PAM - Preventive Annual Maintenance.

This service takes care of the full Nav-Com equipment lifecycle by offering a planned service program. The aim of said program is to prevent faults and failures before and after the cruising season of the ship by monitoring, maintaining and repairing appliances.


The work is scheduled with the captain, taking into account the yacht program in order to decide when and where to come on-board and carry out technical work, inspections, testing and the regular maintenance of equipment as per the manufacturer’s instructions. This ensures continued efficiency and the best performance of electronics, helping secure the investment. Regular checks help improve the life cycle of the equipment.

It can include:


  • Pre-season check of navigation equipment;
  • Pre-season check of radio equipment;
  • Annual gyro service maintenance;
  • Chart update installation;
  • Charting SW maintenance and update (latest release available);
  • I-Bridge SW maintenance and update (latest release available).
  • Annual on board training enhancement;
  • SART and EPIRB maintenance, testing and certification;
  • Annual GMDSS Radio Survey and Shore Base Maintenance renewal;
  • Release of recommended service list.





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