09 Mar 2021
By Fastmount Ltd

New Zealand based manufacturer of hidden panel fasteners, Fastmount, has added two new clips to its Stratlock® Range: the SL-FC and SL-M10.

The SL-FC / SL-FC-FR has been designed for solid-style substrates such as sheet metal, fibreglass, MDF or plywood, for customers who don't use framework but want the benefits of flexible panel installation that the Stratlock Range provides. 

The SL-M10 combines the qualities of the SL-M18 (single or triple screw install, dual detent fixing) with a new lower pull-out load of 10kg, for panels that require more frequent access to services. 

The Stratlock Range was originally developed as a heavy-duty hidden panel mounting solution for installing large interior panels onto aluminium extrusion framework. A purpose-built system, the Stratlock Range is the only product on the market that provides versatility in modular design and adjustable panel installation, thanks to its patent pending dual locking function. 

“The SL-FC is ideal for applications where framework or grid structure is not available, bringing greater flexibility to large or heavy panel installation onto solid substrates. We see this being used particularly on overhead panels, where simple, flexible installation is required,” says Gregg Kelly, MD & Head of Innovation at Fastmount.

The screw-fix male (SL-M10/SL-M18) features a double-detent shank which locks into the load chassis of the flush fit SL-FC. Upon the first click, the panel is supported, with a 4mm adjustable tolerance in any direction to find the correct panel position. The second click then locks the panel into position, secured with a 10 or 18kg pull out load per clip set, making the system ideal for large or heavy decorative panels. 

The new SL-FC and SL-M10 is available now from authorized Fastmount distributors worldwide.


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