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03 Mar 2021

Finest Quality Menus Custom Hand Made For Luxury Yachts. < Back

By Hartnack & Company Ltd.

Hartnack and company have long been established as makers of bespoke custom made luxury binders. The commission from the senior stewardess of S/Y Unfurled was to make a small and limited number of menu covers and menu boards.  

The white leather was hand chosen to tie in with yachts colours and branding as was the light grey book cloth. The yachts logo was carefully blind embossed in the corner of each menu cover and wine list.

H&Co’s specialty is in hand making very small quantities of high quality binders and boxes which of course includes menus. Quite often the brief can be for just one item or in the case above for 8 or more.

What is important for H&Co clients is in achieving the right feel and quality of the product as well as delivering the branding and the values of the yachts in question. What is served on board by chefs is of the highest quality and therefore the menu and wine lists must reflect this, not just visually, but also in the touch and feel of the product.

The company is based in Devon in England but just over a third of its deliveries are to around the world.

For more information contact Jackie Hartnack at jackie@hartnackandco.com

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