24 Nov 2020


By TEAM Italia srl


The EXTRA 86 model, a 23.48 mt yacht, is fitted with the Onyx Marine automation system, designed in association with the Palumbo Superyachts technical office.


The clear, elegantly designed graphic interface is in line with the Extra series smart, well-known style, and has the immediacy and usability of all Onyx Marine graphics.

The main distinguishing feature of the EXTRA 86 yacht is a last generation 32” touch screen display installed on the bridge. Users can monitor and control a range of onboard tools and equipment, including bilge pumps, batteries, generators, levels, navigating lights, doors, portholes and much more. They can also manage the air-conditioning system, machine room ventilation system and the Power Management System (PMS) from the touch screen.

The system is managed by means of a second CPU which acts as a hot-swap backup unit, ready to take over from the main unit seamlessly if required. Moreover, a second Ethernet and CAN-bus network have been added to provide full functionality in order to ensure complete continuity in back-up mode and unparalleled levels of safety.  It also includes all active alarms and alarms history management.

Another unique feature of the Onyx Marine monitoring system is managing the service batteries of the hull, all recharged using solar energy. The glazed surfaces of the salon on the EXTRA 86, in fact, feature photovoltaic cells for producing clean energy. Double-glazing units enable the recharging of the service batteries in order to use equipment such as lights and appliances, without having to switch on the generators when the yacht is in bay and interrupt peace and quiet of the surrounding nature. Battery charging is controlled and managed directly by the Onyx Marine automation system.

Navigation lights and all dimming external lights are fully controlled by the new powerful Dimmer modules by Onyx Marine Automation.


Thanks to its valuable new functions Onyx Marine Automation increases performance and safety on board.


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