30 Mar 2020


By MedAire

COVID-19 has many in the industry concerned and uncertain. The implications of the outbreak are widespread and affect all aspects of daily life – both on and off the vessel.

We want to remind you that services are available to support crew and guests that are having a difficult time in this new reality.

MedAire provides medical advice and assistance via phone, 24/7, to support crew feeling unwell. This provides piece of mind to crew, and reduces burden on local health infrastructure due to in-person visits.

In addition, MedAire provides mental health and emotional support services. These services are an extension to your membership, and provide access to phone-based counselling sessions for each member of the crew and their immediate family.

Counselling services can support crew struggling with feelings of isolation, uncertainty, and worry about family and friends back home. Click here to read the top tips for taking care of your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak.

MedAire Members can access the latest information about medical and travel safety events, including disease outbreaks, by visiting the MedAire Client Portal.

You may also visit www.MedAire.com/coronavirus to view webinars, videos and other helpful resources on the virus.

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