21 Jan 2019

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By We Supply Yachts

With headquarters in the Netherlands and serving clients throughout the world, wesupplyyachts.com understands the unique requirements involved in meeting the provisioning needs of superyachts. The company is led by the Van Gorsel brothers Joost and Maarten, who, based on their years of experience in the yacht supply market offer a fresh approach to ensure that clients always get the best service - with a smile to match. This week, we caught up with Joost van Gorsel to find out more about this new venture and what the company have planned for the future.

Tell me about yourself and your personal journey into the yachting industry.

10 years ago, I had the opportunity to do my traineeship at a ship supply company in the Netherlands who were supplying several segments in shipping and yachting. At that stage, yacht provisioning was part of their business, but only a small part. In the years following, it was our goal to grow the yachting business and to gain a market share. That’s what we did and the yachting provision became a mature business discipline within the group. This was based on two elements; a passion for food and making the magic happen in the limited time frame you get in yachting.

What was it that made you decide to found wesupplyyachts.com?

At a certain stage, you look back at your working life to consider what you have done so far and to think about your ambitions for the future. I needed a change but I wasn't clear what form this would take. The plan was to travel first for a few months and I left my job to do so. This was the moment I was contacted by people who have developed multiple businesses in shipping and yachting. They asked me to join wesupplyyachts.com and I answered: “Yes, but only if we can put the passion for food in and build the new 3.0 standard in superyacht supplies”. And that’s how it started. With this new fresh set-up, we use the latest technologies to source the best products, market our services and meet the needs of superyacht crews, no matter where they are.

How important is the company's Dutch heritage and why?

Very important! We share the passion for quality that you know and expect from the Dutch superyacht industry. Our goal is to offer a fresh approach to this industry, ensuring that clients always get the best service, wherever they are.

What do you think is the unique selling point for wesupplyyachts.com, and what makes you stand out from other yacht provisioning/supply organisations?

We have a huge amount of respect for our other colleagues in the market. We all are chasing the same audience and trying to find our way. That said, Wesupplyyachts.com stands out in two disciplines. Firstly, in service: we are a young and agile team which has a fresh approach to the market and aims to surprise the clientele. The organisation is flat, we work from four offices worldwide and everybody within the company knows our clients. Secondly, we stand out in our products: we offer products with a story, passion and emotion. We know where to buy the best products, our clients are assured of both continuity and consistency of supply - which we know is really important.

We serve all departments onboard superyachts: Galley, ETO, Engine, Interior and Deck. We work with small grocers and producers who put all of their energy into making an amazing product; we get fish from Japan, vanilla from Madagascar, wild strawberries from France and escargot caviar from the UK and so on. And, of course, being Dutch, we deliver potatoes which are farmed with love. All of this is in one delivery from one of our trucks and delivered straight to your yacht.

What do you hope for in the future for wesupplyyachts.com?

We hope that our clients see us as a strategic partner and use our knowledge when it comes to the efficient supply of a superyacht. We hope we can educate the crew and provide them with product information, bringing the quality of service to a higher level and surprising them with our deliveries.

We are currently launching our company at the MYBA Charter Show in Barcelona and are looking forward to meeting our industry partners there.

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