25 Sep 2017

Collapsible fuel tanks to cross oceans < Back

By Turtle Pac Pty Ltd






Bladder tanks been around a long time used by the military and aircraft fuel cells as well race car fuel tanks are universally flexible tanks to contain explosive vapour and stop fuel contamination by condensation. As well to stand up to the g. forces where metal tanks would buckle or rupture.

An Australian company Turtle-Pac airfreight their Super Deck Tanks all over the globe. The tanks size from 50 lt to 2000 litre and fold up compact empty for bellow the deck storage.

The tanks were developed specifically to suit blue water vessels. Laszlo Torok of Turtle-Pac understands the rigorous conditions the tanks likely to be subjected to, being an around world sailor himself.  Tough tanks! Double skin construction “tank in a tank”.  The craft men ship is remarkable.


Turtle-Pac web site features a video of a 500 litre full tank being dropped 10 metres from a helicopter to demo their toughness. As well example boats who used their tanks around the globe or crossed oceans. Including double circumnavigation of Antarctica and Arctic by a 96’ yacht.   Finally something that actually works and looks right. Something might like to consider if you are planning to voyage to Seychelles – Maldives - Caribbean – or around the world !


Riviera and Maritimo built new vessels often use Turtle-Pac tanks for home delivery to 

Western Australia and Asia.


Find the turtles at: www.turtlepac.com

Ph: 61 7 5598 1959

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