22 Jun 2017

Top 10 Interview Questions For Yacht Crew How To Answer Them < Back

By Wilsonhalligan Yacht Recruitment

Whether it’s your first interview or fiftieth, it’s always a good idea turn up well rested and prepared. To help our crew candidates nail their next interview, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most popular interview questions for working on yachts and superyachts with helpful tips on how to answer them.What about your current position do you dislike?

With this question, it’s very important to remain professional but be honest. For example, a good answer would be “I enjoy the yacht and crew however; the role does not challenge me and I am frustrated not stepping up to a bigger role.”

What are the elements that your perfect job would be made up of?

The top four things we would suggest would be; Great Owner, Crew, Terms and Travel.

What gives you the highest level of job satisfaction?

Rather than focusing solely on the personal aspects that you could answer with think about, think about the customer such as “Happy guests after a trip and getting to be on a beach with friends when time allows”.

Tell me about your last three jobs.

Rather than going through the ins and outs of each job, choose factors such as how you were managed and personal relationships with people, your career path and personal development within those jobs.

Why did you take each position? Why did you leave each?

Be honest with this question as reference checking will unearth any skeletons. If you needed seatime or wanted to explore the Pacific, tell your interviewer.

If I offered you your ideal job today, what factors would delay you taking that job immediately?

This questions always puts you on the spot and under pressure. Answering can I have 24 hours to think it over, will show methodical thinking. This is not an opportunity to inform the yacht you are waiting on another offer and you will take the higher. Do however tell the interviewer you are speaking with another yacht.

What is the most significant impact you’ve had on your current workplace in the last year?

There are potentially two avenues you can take with this, you can show personality or show a professional contribution. Personality – “I brought together the departments and boosted morale by ….. organising dinner, hikes, sailing”. Or a professional answer highlight such as “I amended safety procedures onboard, aligned budgets and developed a new work rota”.

How have you improved yourself in the last year?

Take this as an opportunity to sell yourself; outline what courses you have taken and why. Explain how you have reflected on your workmanship since leaving your last yacht, e.g. you will be more detailed / assertive / relaxed / mature / disciplined.

What would your previous employers say about you?

As it’s often difficult to review how others perceive you, repeat was has been mentioned during your appraisals and reviews. I hope they would say I am reliable, someone they would rehire, however avoid the clichéd answers.

Tell me a little about your personality.

This is another opportunity to sell yourself. Try and navigate away from clichés and think what really makes you as a person stand out. Remember your answer may come back to haunt you.

If you have any else you would like to discuss regarding your upcoming interview, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us or chat with us on #webchatwednesdays where we’re available all day via the live chat on our website.

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