06 Jul 2016
By Foresti & Suardi Spa.

One of the values that determined the level of excellence of Foresti & Suardi is the understanding, since the beginning, that a good technical product is not necessarily distinguished by a poor aesthetic research.

The Company from Predore get us used to enjoy elegance and refinement also in functional equipment and typically “technical” accessories.

It’s surely the case of the new heavy hinge, dedicated to doors and hatches for boats of 50 feet and more, and made of AISI 316L inox steel.

The hinge, monolithic, is obtained by micro-fusion and formed through shaping machines, with hand made finishing and polishing, and with specific treatment to make it resilient to corrosion and to the aggressive agents typical of a marine environment.

The final result is an elegant ingot of polished steel, with the two elements perfectly aligned and perfectly coupling.

The hinge is provided with its fixing plate, swallow tailed in order to guarantee a precise insertion onto the main body, and to allow an easy adjustment during the pre-fixing phase. Everything shows the attention that Foresti & Suardi spends for every products, also in terms of aesthetics and finishing.

The hinge is indeed, polyvalent and discreet, like many other products by Foresti & Suardi, and it’s distinguished by a simple and immediate elegance, typical of pieces treated and finished with great care.

A fundamental complement for those owners that, for their boat, consider elegance as a total quality, perceivable even in the smallest details and in the most technical components.

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