06 Nov 2015

Taking-it-further---Changing-the-way-we-sleep-and-bath < Back

By Holistic Hospitality

Organic, sustainably sourced bath towels, bed linen, bath robes, and biodegradable bamboo guest slippers are set to change life aboard.

Dutch company Yumeko’s luxurious bed linen, bath towels & robes made of 100% organic and Fair Trade cotton from India is changing the way we sleep and bathe for good. Gloriously soft against your skin, it is great to know that harmful chemicals are no longer an issue to you or your guests. Bio-Odonate’s bamboo guest slippers are completely biodegradable and compostable ensuring less waste. Treading lightly is a great bonus whilst keeping guests happy and having the option of stamping the yacht’s identity onto these natural fabrics.

Holistic Hospitality – a unique online shopping service for super yachts – is proud to announce their partnership with both Yumeko & Bio-Odonate Footwear; innovative suppliers who provide beautiful products that are non-toxic, natural and luxurious.

‘We love both the Yumeko and Bio-Odonate products, and we believe that it will benefit the yachting industry to investigate these great innovative alternatives to the usual suppliers,’ says Holistic Hospitality Director, Laureth Rumble. ‘Crew members now have the option to spoil guests not just with products that feel amazing, but more importantly perhaps, have amazing benefits to both the user and the environment,’ she says.

This is welcome news for interior staff who now have environmentally friendly options available when shopping for linen, towels, bath robes and guest slippers. Not only the environment will benefit though, Yumeko’s suppliers are all well taken care of and all products are Fair Trade certified. Mahatma Gandhi once said: “There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness.” 

Ellen and Laureth firmly believe that by positively changing the shopping experience for yachting crew to one that is harmless to the environment and respectful to the whole supply chain, the feeling of doing good will permeate the working environment on yachts and flow through to the guests.

With no compromise on quality or effectiveness, it becomes an easy and natural transition to natural products, with great benefits to the health of the crew, guests and the environment.

For further information, please visit www.holistic-hospitality.com or email enquiries to info@holistic-hospitality.com.


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