11 Sep 2015

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By Multiplex GmbH

Making things simpler, lighter, easier and more convenient is part of the philosophy of multiplex – and as a result, the Bremen company enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide.Founded in 1986, the creative think tank has developed swiftly but surely to become a global market leader in the field of boarding systems, offering topquality products based on carbon fibre – gangways, ladders, railings and awnings in the most exclusive design.

As well as being supremely stylish, they have the properties that are needed on all yachts – they are lightweight, easy to handle and stow away, and moreover they are absolutely rustproof and highly resistant to environmental influences such as salt water. The founder and mastermind of multiplex, Jan Reiners, uses standard systems developed by himself as a base, coupled with an inventive imagination in coming up with the customised solution to meet each of his customer’s needs – everything being supplied from a single source, all over the world, and in all respects just in the form that the individual yacht calls for and the customer desires.


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