07 Aug 2015

The long wait for non-toxic cleaning products is over < Back

By Holistic Hospitality

Interior and exterior eco-cleaning products set to change the face of yacht industry for good

Captains and crew spend a large amount of time focused on the rigors of cleaning exercises that are hazardous to both the crew themselves as well as the ocean.
Holistic Hospitality – a unique online shopping service for super yachts – is proud to announce their partnership with innovative suppliers who have found solutions to these problems through products that are non-toxic to both the user and the environment.

‘This is a fantastic breakthrough, and one that the industry has been waiting on for a long time,’ says Holistic Hospitality Director, Laureth Rumble. ‘Crew members have for years been struggling with corrosive products - particularly when dealing with the teak deck maintenance - and this leads to skin burns and toxic inhalation risks. Once used, these hazardous products are washed into the sea and continue to affect the environment,’ she says.

‘We are proud to have carefully sourced interior and exterior cleaning products that are fully MARPOL compliant and offer no danger to the crew who use them, nor the environment,’ she says.

This is welcome news for captains, stews, engineers and deck crew who now have a safe, environmentally friendly option when shopping for cleaning supplies, particularly at a time when the current marine pollution laws are undergoing massive changes.

All interior cleaning products are safe on skin and include a variety of products from marble & granite cleaners to stainless steel polish. Deck crew will be glad to know that the range also includes highly effective cleaning and maintenance products that are used in the successful treatment of – including other things - barnacle growth, and grease as well as water and sewage treatments.

Ellen and Laureth firmly believe that by positively changing the cleaning experience of yachting crew to one that is harmless to aquatic life and their own health, they will be happier overall. Cleaning is such a big part of life in the yachting industry – why not ensure that it is safe, healthy, and good for the planet?
With no compromise on quality or effectiveness, it becomes an easy and natural transition to natural products, with great benefits to the health of the crew and the environment.

For further information, please visit www.holistic-hospitality.com or email enquiries to info@holistic-hospitality.com.


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